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Re: Syntax error in setfacl man page

I wrote:

> Sometime in the last few months, setfacl stopped accepting two colons (::)
> after the keyword "other", as in this example:
>   $ setfacl -s user::rw-,group::r--,other::r-- filename
>   setfacl: illegal acl entries
> But the setfacl(1) man page continues to show the invalid syntax:
>   o[ther]::perm

Upon further investigation, it appears that it may be setfacl that is
wrong rather than the man page.  According to the syntax summary given at:

two colons are allowed after the keyword "other":

The setfacl utility recognizes the following ACL entry formats (blanks
inserted for clarity):

[d[efault]:] [u[ser]:]uid [:perms]
    Permissions of a named user. Permissions of the file owner if uid is empty. 
[d[efault]:] g[roup]:gid [:perms]
    Permissions of a named group. Permissions of the owning group if gid is empty. 
[d[efault]:] m[ask][:] [:perms]
    Effective rights mask 
[d[efault]:] o[ther][:] [:perms]
    Permissions of others.


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