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Re: Delay during invocation of any CYGWIN command [SOLVED]

At 2011-04-09 18:02 -0400, I wrote:
I'm now running XP under VirtualBox and I'm pretty sure when I first moved over I was running CYGWIN commands without delays. But I don't always use CYGWIN, so I can't say for sure.

But I am sure I'm now getting a 5-second delay when invoking any CYGWIN command. Once the command executes, I get a 10-second window of no delays when invoking any CYGWIN command. After the 10 seconds expires, the next CYGWIN command I try to execute delays for 5 seconds before it executes.

Program execution is always correct, the only problem is invocation.

I moved my CYGWIN installation, which was in a subdirectory on a virtually-mapped drive pointing to a BSD subdirectory, to the logical C: drive on VirtualBox and the invocation delay disappeared.

Note there were never any delays invoking DOS applications from the virtually-mapped drive, only invoking CYGWIN applications. And there are no delays running the CYGWIN applications or DOS applications on files on the virtually-mapped drive. The problem was only with invocation and only with CYGWIN.

Smooth operations have returned.

. . . . . . . . . . Ken

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