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RE: Octave Plotting, Invoking Octave

Thanks Marco

  I deleted the cygwin directory and reinstalled, selecting cygwin 1.7.8-1.
This did not work either; but I may have done a rebaseall after installing octave.

Got octave working with this sequence:

install cygwin, with x11; do a >/cygwin/bin/ash ? ./rebaseall;
run setup again:  downgrade to 1.7.8-1, select octave, octave-forge ...;
(do NOT run ./rebaseall)
now sombrero demo plot works in octave.
BUT with the figure displayed a second Octave -> figure  command does not work.



On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 6:25 PM, Doug Pace wrote:
Installed cygwin with gnuplot, X11, and octave.

Octave will not run the 'sombrero' demo plot.

Have removed c:\cygwin and reinstalled; have attempted previous releases of
cygwin and octave.
Yes, I needed to use ash and do
? ? ? ? ? ?$ ./rebaseall
to get startx to work.

Now octave no longer opens, no error messages are issued just returns to the
shell prompt.

This is on XP sp 3.
Thanks for any help,

Doug, rebaseall seems to break octave on WinXP. I already noted it on 1.7.9 and on some snapshots.

- reinstall octave
- downgrade cygwin from 1.7.9-1 to 1.7.8-1

At least on my WinXP SP3 it works.

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