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Bug in remote gui app execution via ssh


There appears to be a bug in the ssh-daemon in version 5.8p1-1 of the
openssh package.  The bug does not present itself on systems running
sshd from the 5.1p1-10 version of openssh.

The bug is as follows:
A remote system R has Cygwin sshd running from version 5.8p1-1 of
openssh.  The daemon is running as a service, configured using the
directions at
Further, the service is running under the "Local System account", and in
its properties as a service, "Allow service to interact with desktop"
has been checked.

A user on a local machine logs into R using ssh.  Then, in the resulting
shell, the user executes a gui app such as notepad.  On the remote
machine R, what appears on the display, rather than the gui for the
notepad app, is a rectangular area with what appears to be a title-bar
at the top, although what this bar contains is a long white or
multi-colored rectangle.   The "window" itself displays the contents of
what was behind it when it was spawned, and keeps displaying this when
moved.  Beyond the ability to move it, the rectangle is non-functional.

If R is running sshd from version 5.1p1-10 of openssh, with the same
configuration, a functional notepad app is spawned.

This doesn't appear to be due to any windows updates, as we have updated
all of our machines recently.  Those with 5.8p1-1 have the bug, and
those with 5.1p1-10 do not.

Any help/information is appreciated.

-- Harmon

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