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Using 'setup.exe' from command line / commandline ops

I am trying to use setup.exe from the command line to install a single package (bash).

I found the help switch -h (Suggestion: why not have any wrong switch specification display the help?).

I don't need the short cuts, and it says to use -P to specify packages

It doesn't say what values are used if they aren't specified on the
command line, but given the GUI behavior of using all previous values
for 'defaults' *except* for the one regarding short-cuts (which seems
to default to true regardless of previous selections), is it safe to
assume that the command line version does the same?

Assuming that was the case, I tried
setup -n -P bash

It then proceeded to run the GUI as though nothing had been specified
on the command line.  It lead me through all the normal selections
(hitting Enter, to take defaults), and when I got to package selections,
it selected 'ALL needing updates', instead of just 'bash'.

So why didn't it just select bash for install?

How do I just select a single package for install?

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