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Re: GNU screen won't run; "chown tty: no such file or directory"

On 6/13/2011 1:28 AM, Jeff Schenck wrote:

When trying to run screen, I get the following errors: "chown
tty: No such file or directory" in the status bar, followed by
"Sorry, could not find a PTY".  Then it exits.  I get the same
error in all terminal types I've tried -- rxvt-native, xterm, and
mintty.  I'm running cygwin version 1.7.9 on a Windows XP (64 bit
machine).  Included is the output of cygcheck -svr.  I've looked
through your docs, mail archives, and Google, but not found a

Works fine for me under the same conditions (although I'm using W7 and I only tried with mintty). What does 'cygcheck screen' tell you? What else Cygwin is running at the time?



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