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windows-to-windows openssh buffering issue


I am ssh-ing from one windows machine A into another windows machine B,

and I have a problem related to output buffering.


I am using Cygwin's OpenSSH as both the client on A and the server on B.


The problem is that the output of the program I'm running is being fully

buffered, i.e. the output shows up in large chunks and often much later

than it should.


I have searched the mailing list archives, and I found a post ([1])

explaining that there are two ways of running cygwin - in a native

windows console, or in a "pty" like rxvt - and that native Windows

programs experience this buffering problem when run in pty mode.


In my case:

  - the program I'm trying to run after ssh-ing into B is a native 

    windows program (and I can't recompile it to change the

    buffering behaviour or anything)

  - the Cygwin terminal I use to ssh from on machine A is a native

    windows console, NOT rxvt

  - nonetheless, I experience the buffering problem


Note that when I run the program on machine A, the buffering is fine.

Only when I ssh into machine B, is the buffering messed up. It seems

the program on machine B is somehow running in "pty" mode, even though

I am ssh-ing from a native windows console on machine A.


Is there some setting for OpenSSH on the server side that would allow

me to run the program on machine B in native-windows non-pty mode

so that the buffering is fine? If not, what else can I do?






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