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Re: Cygwin DLL 1.7.9 on Windows 7: Can't create files/folders on network drive

Paul <Paul.Domaskis <at>> writes:
>Paul <Paul.Domaskis <at>> writes:
>>Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin <at>> writes:
>>> On Aug  4 16:04, Paul wrote:
>>>> Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin <at>> writes:
>>>>> On Aug  4 15:20, Paul wrote:
>>>>>> At my workplace, I upgraded to Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit and
>>>>>> installed Cygwin DLL 1.7.9.  I can create files/folders in the
>>>>>> c:/cygwin/home/MyUserName subtree, but I can't seem to create
>>>>>> files/folders in my personal filespace on a network drive.  My
>>>>>> filespace is mapped to "i:/", which I access as /cygdrive/i .
>>>>>> I own it and have write permission, and I can also create
>>>>>> files/folders in that subtree using Windows Explorer.  I had no
>>>>>> problems when I was using Windows XP (and a much older version
>>>>>> of Cygwin).
>>>>>> <...snip...>
>>>>>> ...the problem with creating
>>>>>> files/folders on the network drive is "Permission denied".  I
>>>>>> can, however, use "rm -rf" to remove folders.
>>>>> Try the latest developer snapshot from
>>>>> Just exchanging the DLL is enough.
>>>>> It should fix that problem.
>>>> Is "exchanging
>>>> the DLL" merely overwriting the DLL file with the new one?
>>> Yes.  But keep a copy of the original, just in case.
>> Works like a charm.  Thanks, Corinna.
> Correction.  It works except when doing a "cp -p" e.g.:
>   cp -p /c/Local/Path/File.txt /i/network/path/File.txt
> I have write permission at both the source and destination.
> On the other hand, using tar to transport a file from the local
> directory to 
> the network directory seems to work:
>   cd /c/Local/Path
>   tar cf - File.txt | ( cd /i/network/path ; tar xf - )

I think I know the cause of the permission denial for "cp -p".  The source 
files on the local folder have read and execute permission bits set 
for "group" and "other".  This probably conflicts with the permissions set on 
the network drive (which is my own personal filespace).  When I copy files, I 
get the message:

  cp: preserving permissions for `./Temp.txt': Permission denied

However, the file still copies.

When I use the tar command above, it doesn't really respect the original 
permission bits when untarring at the destination.  It turns on the user 
execution bit.  The following test shows that the user execution bit is 
suppose to be off:

    cd /c/Local/Path
    tar cf - File.txt | tar tvf -


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