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Re: Cygwin 1.7.9 Apache2 startup question & issue.

Hello Andrey:

> > I'm having a bit of trouble with starting the Cygwin Apache2 package on my Windows XP (SP3) system.
> Why don't you use native Windows Apache HTTPD server?

Because I'd like to use a more *nix like environment than Windows.

> > ...Why does the apachectl2 help message display the usage for httpd2;
> Because the syntax is exactly the same.

Yet they aren't the same command (the httpd and apachectl2 commands have different file sizes) so the help message displayed isn't 
for correct command.  Perhaps some of these options don't work, or don't work the way they are defined or explained.  Perhaps 
there are other options that aren't included in this help message.  I can't trust the information provided as it isn't for the 
correct command.

> > and why is there no definition for the -k option?
> There is:
> >                         [-k start|restart|graceful|graceful-stop|stop]
> There's no explanation, however, but honestly. it's all pretty self-explanatory.

The information provided is a usage statement (for the wrong command), not a definition or explanation.  What exactly is the 
difference between saying "apachectl2 start" (which works well) and "apachectl2 -k start"?  Exactly what does -k do?

What I really need is some help with the cygrunsrv command to start the apache2 running as a service.  If anyone knows what is 
wrong with the command I've used, or why the service dies without starting any httpd2 daemons, your help would be greatly 
appreciated.  Do I need to add '-e "CYGWIN=service"' (which is set as a System Variable already)? I'm trying to document the 
process of getting Apache2 up and running correctly so I can contribute something back to this community, but this one has got me 
stumped (so far).

$ cygrunsrv -I "CYGWIN apache2" --path /usr/sbin/apachectl2 --args "-D NO_DETACH -k start" --dep cygserver --user 
nobody --shutdown

> Sorry for my terrible english...

Actually your English is better than my Russian.
На самом деле ваш английский лучше чем мой русский язык.
До свидания пока.


Brian S. Wilson

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