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Re: Issue with inserting '@' at the command prompt.

Corinna Vinschen, a écrit :
> On Aug 19 15:14, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> > Corinna Vinschen, le Fri 19 Aug 2011 13:50:19 +0200, a Ãcrit :
> > > >   .wVirtualKeyCode = 0x630,
> >
> > Eergl, no, that should have been 0x30 here, our code does properly masks
> > out the high part, I just missed that in our code.
> And what about the control code?  It's a fixed 1 in your example,

That's only the example. 1 is obviously not hardcoded in the real source
code, which I have attached (I just initially wanted to avoid you having
to browse into the whole not-so-readable source ).

> but obviously it should be 6.

That's clearly not obvious from an altgr point of view: people use altgr
to type '@', so it makes sense to simulate the hit of the right alt
(i.e. altgr).

> > Err, do you mean LEFT_ALT_PRESSED here? Right alt is altgr in some
> > keyboard layouts, which is precisely what people use to type '@' in
> > the french layout, actually. E.g. LeftAlt-A and RightAlt-A (i.e.
> I'm aware of this difference, so, no, that was a deliberate

But for the cases when only alt is to be pressed, this simulates a right
alt, which with e.g. the french layout is not the same as the left one.

> However, this also works for me when using
> LEFT_CTRL_PRESSED and LEFT_ALT_PRESSED in the conditionals above.

But it won't work with DOS applications (e.g. edit). That's precisely
the reason why I added the special case.


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