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Re: install on win7 enterprise, can't modify bash start up shortcut

On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 8:31 PM, LMH  wrote:

(Please don't top-post)
> I've had no issue with re-sizing the bash window in the past and having
> those changes saved to the shortcut, even on win7 ent, so I am concerned
> about the health of the install.

The health of the Cygwin install should be unrelated. I gues  this is
some Windows-y permission issue.
The shortcut points to cygwin.bat; Windows runs cmd.exe to interpret
the batch file, which eventually starts bash.

>The desktop icon points to Cygwin.bat, but
> that doesn't have anything in it about the bash shell. Can someone point me
> to the ini file where the specs of the bash window would be recorded?

That window belongs to cmd.exe; bash runs inside it. The settings are
in the registry; for the Cygwin shortcut it's


> I can check that file on another machine and see if it exists on the suspect
> install and see if I can edit it. That may give a clue as to what is amiss.
> I don't know anything about mintty and have always used bash. Can I run all
> of my bash commands, or would I be learning a new shell?

You will be running bash inside mintty, just as you are running bash
now inside the window of cmd.exe (except mintty is much nicer for
doing that :).

Hope this helps,
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