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Re: Cygwin shells closing when launched by a telnet server client in Windows 7

On Aug 22 13:46, Clayton Evans wrote:
> I am in the process of upgrading to a new machine.  This machine is
> used as a compute server, where users telnet to the machine, start up
> a Korn shell and run compute intensive programs from the Korn shell.
> The current machine is running Cygwin 1.5 and Windows XP 64 bit.  This
> process has worked for years.  The new machine is running Cygwin 1.7
> and Windows 7 64 bit.  After telneting to the new machine, mksh.exe
> appears to start after some pause, show it's prompt and then exits,
> returning to the command prompt within the telnet session.  This
> behavior makes me think that no input stream is getting connected to
> the shell and the shell exits.

First of all, don't use telnet.  Use ssh.  There's an openssh package
in the distro which provides an sshd server.

> Both machines are using Microsoft's Telnet Service.  I have tried
> ash.exe, bash.exe, dash.exe and sh.exe.  All the shell programs show
> their input prompt and then exit to the command prompt
> C:\cygwin\bin>mksh.exe -l -i
> user@hostname ~
> $
> C:\cygwin\bin>
> The shell commands work fine, when one is locally on the compute
> server.   I have tried HyperTerminal, putty.exe and Microsoft's telnet
> client on the client machine and they all give the same result.
> There are no entries in the Windows 7 event log.
> The Korn shell is working non-interactively when telneted as
> demonstrated below by having the Korn shell execute a command specific
> to the Korn shell.
> C:\cygwin\bin>mksh.exe -c "whence whence"
> whence
> C:\cygwin\bin>
> I have tried setting the Korn shell to be terminal server aware,
> peflags -tsaware=true mksh.exe, with no change in the results.

That flag has nothing to do with this problem.

However, I have no idea how to help with telnet.  I tried to track this
down, and it turns out that a perfectly valid call to WaitForMultipleObjects
with the telnet stdin handle returns with an error "Invalid Handle", while
WriteFile to the telnet pipe performed by the first Cygwin process in a
process tree can break the connection.  You say it worked in 1.5, but
I don't see a difference in the handling of the incoming stdio handles
between 1.5 and 1.7 which would explain that behaviour.


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