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Re: cron

On 8/24/2011 12:08 PM, wrote:
I am sucessed to run the Perl script which uses Net::SSH::Expect
package from the cygwin command prompt. but i am scheduled the same
script through crontab but script is breaking in middle.


can you help me as early as possible..

First, have you ensured that you set up the same environment for your script when run by 'crond' as you have with the interactive shell? This is a common problem for users of Cron and is not Cygwin-specific. I would suggest pursuing this first if you have not already verified that this is not the problem.

Second, if you're accessing any network shares, this won't work by
default.  See <>

Third, you have both MSYS and Cygwin in your path.  You should make sure
that only Cygwin is in the path that 'crond' sees and uses.  I'd say the
same about Perl.



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