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Re: question on backup

On 10/27/2011 7:18 AM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 07:30:04AM -0400, Buchbinder, Barry (NIH/NIAID) [E] wrote:
Ken Brown sent the following at Thursday, October 27, 2011 7:26 AM
On 10/27/2011 3:24 AM, Paul Allen Newell wrote:
My question is how do I get an archive of what cygwin packages I have

sed -n -e '2,$s/ .*$//p' /etc/setup/installed.db

or to feed into setup.exe -P

sed -n -e '2,$s/ .*$//p' /etc/setup/installed.db | tr '\n' , | sed -e 's/,$/\n/'
Is there some reason why you wouldn't just use cygcheck for this?


Ken: /etc/setup/installed.db is exactly what I was looking for, thanks

Barry: Thanks for sed suggestions, makes for a cleaner list of info (which matches my need of "an ascii record" of what I've installed)

Chris: I didn't know about cygcheck and had blinders on during my search as I was looking for a data file rather than a utility. Just read the docs, test drove it per docs, and its definitely better than what I was originally looking for. Thanks!


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