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Re: Copying HDD to another HDD

I think you want to use a disk clone to do this, something like the clonezilla live CD. As long as the drives are the same size, or the target drive is larger, clonezilla will just copy one drive to the other. It does a bit by bit clone, so it doesn't care about files and permissions and such.

Even if you could copy with cp, you need the boot sector and such to get the OS up, so that wouldn't work.


Mike Brown wrote:
I'm in a situation where a new mobo refuses to boot the SATA boot HDD, but it
will boot an IDE drive.

So, I'm trying to copy all of the files from the SATA drive to the IDE drive,
but I'm hitting a roadblock where there are files with 10-digit user/group
IDs and file persmissions of 700, which means I can't copy the files because
the Windblows IDs are different.  It is XP Pro - 32 bit.

What can I do that will allow me to do this:

     cd h:
     (cd g:/ ; tar cf -)|tar xvpf-

and get all of the files copied from the SATA drive (g:) to the IDE drive (h:)?


Oh, and yes, the normal Windblows copy fails as well.  Even though I am the
only user on the system and should have 100% administrative permission, there
are file that I can't copy.


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