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Pass windows-style paths to the interpreter from the shebang line ?


I would like to write a php script to run from my cygwin command line.
I have the php CLI executable (php.exe) in PATH and I use
	#!/bin/env php
as the first line of the .php script, and make it executable.

The problem is that bash will than invoke the Win32 native php.exe binary with the Cygwin-style path of my script as the argument,
and then php complains that it:

`Could not open input file: /home/Adrian/usr/local/bin/parseLog.php´

Which is normal for php.exe, as it does not understand cygwin paths.

I found no way around this problem. I would type `php /scriptname/´ myself but then the script name would no longer be searched on PATH and I would have to type 'D:\Local\cygwin\home\Adrian\usr\local\bin\parseLog.php' as the script name at all times.

Is there a way around this ? Can cygwin detect the executable is not a cygwin application add pass in the right path name ?

Thank you,
Timothy Madden

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