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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: transfig-3.2.5d-1: Tools for creating TeX documents with graphics


A new version of 'transfig' has been uploaded to a server near you.

 o Updated to latest upstream release
 o Build for cygwin 1.7.9 with gcc-4.5.3

transfig NEWS:

        o reduces some compilation warnings (fix from Debian)
        o made PostScript output DSC 3.0 compliant to work with CUPS
          patch from Ian Dall (see
        o Changed STOCK_LAST from 17 to 19 in fig2dev/dev/genemf.c
        o Questionable copy of one data type to another in genemf.c
        o Uninitialized linew_spec in genepic.c
        o Changed definition of command for short slanted lines in genlatex.c
        o Added check for existance of arrows in SVG line generator
        o Removed %%Page: directive from included JPEG files in PostScript/EPS output
        o bound.c was passing pointers to int instead of double to arc_tangent
        o put_msg function uses proper varargs now
        o Option for debug comments in GBX output is "yes" or "no", not "on" or "off"
        o Added help (-h)  info for GBX output
        o In version 1.4 of the PNG library dither was removed so fig2dev now uses
          quantize when importing PNG images with palettes
        o put_msg was declared twice (fig2dev/dev/genemf.c)
        o Added xlink namespace for images in SVG export
        o SVG output for imported images didn't form href link properly

        o New PSTricks driver from Gene Ressler (see man fig2dev for info)


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