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Re: help for diagnose unpedictable "fork errors", "cygheap base msimatch errors"

On 17/11/2011 12:36 AM, Heiko Elger wrote:
marco atzeri<marco.atzeri writes:

you wrote a lot of mail , but I do not remember a single

Problem reports:

As cygwin is working on win7/64, something is wrong on your machine,
but until you provide clear data we can not easly help you.

I am currently using 2011-11-08 snapshot  on win7/64 and it is working
fine (2011-11-14 has a problem and I have not yet tested 2011-11-16)


I'm sorry - but I'm not sure what you mean exactly.

Perhaps my english is too bad - I'm sorry for this.
Or I'm writing to many lines ...

We've some unpredictabel errors and I'm looking for a solution to gather more
information about the erros to send them perhaps into this group - so other
people can perhaps help.
If you follow the instructions on the web page Marco highlighted, you'll have a good start at gathering the information we need to help you.


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