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Please explain afio warning message

Executing the command

find . -print0 | afio -o -z -Z -0 -Y '*.log' -T 1k -G 2

results in the following warning message:

afio: ".": Cannot create cpio-compatible file header for this input
afio: "/cygdrive/c/temp/save.afio" [offset 0]: Continuing, archive will
not be fully compatible with cpio or afio versions 2.4.7 and lower
afio: "/cygdrive/c/temp/save.afio": Warning: Created archive is not
fully compatible with cpio or afio versions 2.4.7 and lower.
afio: "/cygdrive/c/temp/save.afio": See the ARCHIVE PORTABILITY section
of the manpage.

I read the section about portability, but still don't know the reason
for this warning, only that it somehow must be related to the usage of
"." for denoting the working directory.

Can I safely ignore the warnings? Is there a way to suppress them, other
than redirecting stderr to the bit bucket? cpio compatibility is not
crucial for me.

Ronald Fischer <>
+  If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port, 
+  and the bus is interrupted and the interrupt's not caught,
+  then the socket packet pocket has an error to report.
+		(cited after Peter van der Linden)

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