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Re: "Couldn't allocate heap" - tried rebasing

> Actually, I just noticed this remark:
> "In summary, current Windows implementations make it
> impossible to implement a perfectly reliable fork, and occasional
> fork failures are inevitable."
> in winsup/doc/overview2.sgml in the source tree. ?Does that mean that, even
> with the improvements mentioned above, we cannot expect important Cygwin
> apps/scripts to always work reliably in a post-WinXP world? ?My company has
> been moving from Win2K/XP to Win7, so this would be important info for us.
> So how serious is the above remark? ?I don't see anything quite that
> strongly-phrased in the FAQ. ?Maybe it should be mentioned there?

I would assume that "current Windows implementations" means XP and
above.  I have found it to be quite stable on Windows 7 once a rebase
is done.  I also believe that the possibility of "fork" failing has
always been there - even in Cygwin 1.5.  So, maybe the remark is not
quite as scary as it might at first appear.

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