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Re: problem with GNU screen solved

> I just wanted to pass this along...  I was having problems with screen
> a couple months ago.  I would get an error saying "chown tty: No such
> file or directory" and then it would fail (see
> Paul Hebble was kind enough to write me off-list with a fix.  After
> applying the patch that comes with the source package, I made the
> following simple change to config.h:
>   #define PTYROFS
> These comments come from config.h:
>  * Note, screen is unable to change mode or group of the pty if it
>  * is not installed with sufficient privilege. (e.g. set-uid-root)
>  * define PTYROFS if the /dev/pty devices are mounted on a read-only
>  * filesystem so screen should not even attempt to set mode or group
>  * even if running as root (e.g. on TiVo).
> This solved my problem.  Now I'm curious why some see this problem but
> others don't.  Some sort of privilege issue that is setup dependent?
> Anyway, I hope the package maintainer will find this useful.

Thanks Jeff, for posting the solution.  I'll look at that when I can to
figure out whether it should be enabled by default.  I don't know much
about ptys though - maybe someone who knows more could comment?  Andrew.

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