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/cygdrive/c permission denied


Windows 7.  
uname -a gives: 
   CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW64 Dalea 1.7.9(0.237/5/3) 2011-03-29 10:10 i686 Cygwin

Recently lost ability to do "ls" in directory /cygdrive/c.

   $ cd /cygdrive/c
   $ ls
   ls: reading directory .: Permission denied

This occurred while I was copying a directory (using cpio -p) to /cygdrive/c.
Not sure what went wrong; all was fine before.

When I did "cd /cygdrive; ls -l" I got:

drwx------+ 1 ???????? ???????? 0 Nov 28 17:03 c
drwx------+ 1 SYSTEM SYSTEM   0 Nov 28 16:23 d
drwx------+ 1 SYSTEM SYSTEM   0 Nov 28 16:23 e
drwx------+ 1 SYSTEM SYSTEM   0 Nov 28 16:59 f
drwxr-xr-x  1 psuadm None     0 Jan  1  1980 i

c, d, e, and f are volumes on the two local hard drives.  It is possible
that permissions on "c" were d---------+, not drwx------+; I started changing
things before doing a careful assessment of the initial state.

>From the standpoint of Windows security, the owner of C: was (I believe)
TrustedInstaller.  Is that correct, or should it be SYSTEM?

Not sure how I caused this and, once I did, I discovered I don't know
how the heck to fix it.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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