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Re: libneon27 requires libproxy1 which requires libglib2.0_0

On Wed, 2011-12-07 at 08:40 -0500, Matthew Smith wrote:
> >The latest libneon27 does require libproxy1-0.4.7, which pulls in only
> >libglib2.0_0, and I wouldn't count that as "some gnome libraries".
> libglib2.0_0 : dbus libfam0 and gsettings-desktop-schemas
> dbus : libdbus1_3 libX11_6
> libX11_6 : libxcb1
> libxcb1 : libXau6 libXdmcp6
> libfam0 : gamin

libglib2.0_0 is the only "GNOME library" in that list.

> I was hoping that libglib2.0_0 wasn't strictly required and would still be
> pulled in as needed by by the packages that cause it to be needed.
> I do understand that it is only a cosmetic annoyance,

You think that's bad, but I didn't enable the libproxy KDE4 backend for
a reason. :-)

DBus and GLib are pretty much standard these days, since most low-level
Linux system services use the former, and even Qt uses the latter for
its main loop these days.  Only because we don't need these services on
Cygwin are they not part of the base installation.


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