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Re: Latest cygwin.bat - need one

On Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 11:48:01PM -0600, Mike Brown wrote:
> As a result of there not being a sample, my current bat file will not
> correctly start my Z-shell.  Most of the time double-clicking on the shortcut
> results in the program (CMD) flashing on the screen and going away.  When it
> does manage to stick, it seems to fail to start the zsh login process, i.e.,
> the reading on my .z* startup files.  That results in any entered characters
> being ignored, as there isn't a prompt there to accept input.

>From what I can discover, the default cygwin.bat file does not use rxvt.  It
has been a while since I first installed cygwin.

I was starting my shell with the following line:

    rxvt -e zsh --login -i

That got me the window, but not the shell.  Doing some more digging I found
the following posting (via google):

    > Does changing 'bash' to '/bin/bash' make a difference?

    Answering my own question: yes.

    There was a change in execvp()'s behaviour to no longer look up an
    executable in the current working directory, wasn't there? I can't
    find it in the ChangeLog though.

You've got to be kidding.  Why was the looking into CWD removed?  Probably
beating a dead horse.

Suggestions for document improvement:

FAQ addition to show how to modify the cygwin.bat file, or a copied file for
modification, in order to be able to run rxvt to start a better terminal.
This would solve the issue of users upgrading and their BAT file being broken.
Be sure to explain that "/bin/" is now required.

Same thing with the main documention.  There are pieces about starting the
shell, but absolutely nothing about using a better terminal (rxvt) and how
to start/configure it.

Hell, why not make the use of rxvt standard in the default BAT file.  The
rxvt terminal is many times superior to the Windblows cmd terminal.

The only thing left now is getting ssh configured correctly so that I can
remotely log into the Windblows box using ssh.  The two config scripts failed
to provide a working config.  The remote login fails at the password checking.

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