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Re: Cygwin dll: UID and GID information not shown from remote drive

On Dec 13 16:24, Jari Aalto wrote:
> ** To CC Emacs BTS, use 10257(at)
> My full original bug report was sent initially to Emacs, because the editor
> started considering remotes file as read-only and requiring confirmation
> after every save. See:
> It appears that Cygwin doesn't show UID and GID on Network drives (Win 7
> x64), that are connected with windows "Map Network Drive" to a
> Debian/Samba(
>     $ ls -la /cygdrive/z/tmp/test-epackage.el
>     -rwxr--r-- 1 ???????? ???????? 437 Dec  9 20:02 /cygdrive/z/tmp/test-epackage.el

It's not a bug.

If you use winbind and the user accounts are correctly mapped to
Windows accounts, then you would see the Cygwin UIDs/GIDs correspoding
to the SID of the AD user account.

If you don't do that, there's only an invisible mapping from the Windows
SID to the Unix uid/gid.  The actual UNIX account has not the same mapping
back to the Windows SID.  Instead, the SID returned from Samba to
Windows is a fake SID S-1-22-1-UnixUID or S-1-22-2-UnixGID.

The easiest way to workaround this issue is to mount the share with
the noacl mount option:

  //sambaserver/share /myserver somefs binary,noacl 0 0

Alternatively you must coax Cygwin into thinking that both SIDs are the
same account.  What you can do is to map these SIDs to the desired
Cygwin UID/GID using matching entries in /etc/passwd and /etc/group,
like this:




To generate the Unix SID entries for /etc/passwd and /etc/group, see
the mkpasswd/mkgroup -U options:

  $ mkpasswd -l sambaserver -U corinna
  $ mkgroup -l sambaserver -U vinschen

Just tweak the UID/GID fields and make sure that the Samba fake entries
are later in the file than the entries with the correct Windows SID mapping.


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