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Re: Efficient posix_spawn implementation for Cygwin

On Tue, Jan 03, 2012 at 05:43:30PM -0500, Ryan Johnson wrote:
>On 03/01/2012 5:25 PM, wrote:
>> posix_spawn [1] is an optional POSIX facility that allows programs to
>> start other programs without using fork or vfork. I've created an
>> efficient implementation of posix_spawn for Cygwin. The code is available
>> at
>> This library uses Cygwin's nonstandard spawn* family calls in process.h to
>> provide the full suite of posix_spawn* functionality. Implementing
>> posix_spawn in terms of spawn turns out to be non-trivial. Nevertheless,
>> using posix_spawn can improve process startup performance considerably,
>> especially for large programs:
>This probably belongs at cygwin-dev,

No, it really doesn't.  It is just a library that uses cygwin functions.

>but it sounds interesting (especially if it allows less-frequent
>invocation of the rebaseall ritual).

Since the VAST majority of UNIX/linux programs use fork/exec I don't
see how this would really have much of an effect.


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