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Re: cygwin permissions problem on a network drive

On Jul 5 10:59, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Jul  5 12:21, Bill Metzenthen wrote:
> What should I ask the system administrator to change so that cygwin
> will once again work on this drive? Perhaps there is some new setting
> (or an old one which has somehow changed) for cygwin that I have
> failed to notice?

If you want to discuss this with your admin, the problem is this:  When
Cygwin 1.7.9 tries to create a file on a filesystem which supports ACLs,
it requests WRITE_DAC permissions in the open call.  WRITE_DAC is the
access right you need to create the permission bits in the file's ACL,
what you see in Explorer under the Security tab.

Now, in some environments, the settings of the shares are so, that this
right is apparently not granted, even for the creator of the file.
But, as far as earlier reports go, there seem to be no indication of
this in the ACL. As I mentioned above, I experimented with this
myself, but I have never managed to reproduce this setting on the
So I neither know how this setting looks like, nor if there's a way
to recognize such a share.

Btw, if you're going to discuss this with your admin, and if you figure
out what server setting is the culprit, I would be glad if you could
share the information with us.  It might be a great help in developing
Cygwin further.

Thanks, Corinna

Hello Corinna

I've run into the same problem on a DFS filesystem, and I asked our admins about the settings. Please find a screenshot here:

The reason why "change permission" (=WRITE_DAC) was disabled: Our admins don't want to allow "take ownership" to everybody, since in the past users managed to set the rights such that even the admins couldn't access the file anymore. Since "take ownership" automatically enables "change permissions", WRITE_DAC is thus disabled too.

hope that helps

best regards, Kusi

PS: your workaround works fine, too

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