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Re: Distributed Git not compiled under Cygwin?

Jeremy Bopp-3 wrote:
> That's not bad, but I don't think you should need "start" at all.  Yes,
> it will run something in the background, but the chmod command should
> return almost instantly, and it would be good to know if it errors out
> for some reason.  You would lose any way to detect that if you spin it
> off to the background. 
> You should also use the cygpath program to convert your paths if
> possible.
I tried it without start and I do see a command prompt. The other thing is,
it won't pause with an error regardless. You make a good point though, so I
tweaked the command. Additionally, I can't believe I didn't know about
cygpath. There are numerous times that would have been tremendously useful.
Now using:

silent execute "!start C:\\cygwin\\bin\\run.exe /usr/bin/chmod 0644
\"`/usr/bin/cygpath '" . expand("<afile>") . "'`\" 2>> ~/.vim/error"

Since my .vim folder is under source control, I'll see if the error file
pops up.
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