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Does Cygwin Terminal queue output to stdout?

First a quick aside to say thank you for Cygwin Terminal.  I can't
articulate how nice it is to be freed of cmd.exe!
I am running Cygwin in the following environment:
Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
Cygwin Setup 2.763; apps fully updated

I have installed windump ( and tshark
which is part of the WireShark package
( both of which leverage
WinPCAP libraries (

When I run tshark or windump in a cmd.exe window (e.g. "tshark -i1
-n") I see immediate output of network traffic seen by my network
interface and continues to stream live network traffic information.

When I run either program in Cygwin Terminal, there is about a 20
second delay before I see any output.  At which time it immediately
dumps the previous 20 seconds of "queued up" output and hangs again
for 15-20 seconds, followed by another dump of "queued up" output,

Is there some way I can have Cygwin Terminal stream the data like cmd.exe does?

Thanks, Eric

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