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On 1/8/2012 4:45 PM, Lars Bjørndal wrote:

[Corinna Vinschen]

On Dec 11 21:32, Samuel Thibault wrote:
Corinna Vinschen, le Thu 08 Dec 2011 09:47:45 +0100, a écrit :
Too bad.  In that case, Samuel, can you please have a closer look to
see what broke brltty?

The switch to mintty, simply. Brltty uses ReadConsoleOutputCharacter() to get the text from consoles, I bet mintty does not implement this. Lars thus needs cygwin to be able to run from a standard windows console too.

Lars wrote in that he always starts Cygwin from cmd.exe.

Yes, right. After starting Cygwin, I run BRLTTY to fire up my braille display. Do you plan to drop Cygwin's support for running under CMD? I don't hope so.

It's always been possible to run Cygwin programs from cmd.exe and there is no plan to change that. But the default is now to start mintty from cygwin.bat where previously it was cmd.exe. Mintty is much more configurable and generally provides a better user experience than cmd.exe. That's the reason for the change.



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