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Re: bug#10468: BUG: Severe or critical - deletes existing files and leaves nothing. (cp)

[dropping coreutils, and trimming content]

On 01/09/2012 05:10 PM, Linda Walsh <cygwin AT wrote:
>>> ok, at this point, I would consider it 'my bad, for using cp on
>>>  windows (it used to work without these issues, not sure what has
>>> changed)...
>> The problem is not in coreutils, but in your operating system's
>> limitations,
> ---
> Can you read?

Yes, and I'm trying to set up my system to see if I can reproduce your
report (I normally run my windows box case-sensitive, so I have to
reboot before I can test your case, so it may be a while before I have a
definitive answer).

> I'm saying I DIDN'T ask it to copy links... so it should simple copied
> case variations multiple times to the same target "dumbly" (like it used
> to).
> Now it's "smarter"[sic]. and tries to copy links even when not told
> to preserve links.

There is definitely a possibility that one of my cygwin-specific patches
to cp may have introduced a bug; I will double check that code to see if
I might have broken things.  What is the last version of 'cp' that you
used in cygwin that did what you wanted, in case it was a recent
regression on my part?

> Can you explain why case insensitivity in the target would cause it
> to 'preserve links' when not told to?

This could also be an issue in cygwin1.dll itself; affecting more than
just cp, but to know that for sure, we need a reproducible test case.
It would help if you could minimize things down to as few files as
possible (shell steps to create a single directory with two hard-linked
names on the source, rather than making us guess at the entire contents
of the entire fonts hierarchy that you originally noticed the issue on).

Eric Blake    +1-919-301-3266
Libvirt virtualization library

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