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Re: bug#10468: BUG: Severe or critical - deletes existing files and leaves nothing. (cp)

On Jan 10 02:45, Andrey Repin wrote:
> Greetings, Eric Blake!
> > On 01/09/2012 02:19 PM, Linda Walsh , <cygwin AT> wrote:
> >> 
> >> 
> >> I was trying to copy a font dir from a unix to a windows machine.
> >> 
> >> Problem is there are duplicates -- where only the case differs...
> > The problem is not in coreutils, but in your operating system's
> > limitations, and in your configuration.  Windows (and thus Cygwin) can
> > be put in a mode where it preserves case (and I highly recommend doing
> > so if you want your example to work):
> >
> You're confusing case sensitivity with case preservation.
> NTFS is (and always was) case-preserving filesystem.
> FAT - depends on who's working with it, Windows functions are case-preserving
> for most part.
> However, you can turn case-sensitivity on for NTFS volumes as well, as the
> article point out.
> However, it isn't strictly right nowadays, AFAIK, in that you can access files
> different in case without enabling of the global case sensitivity, through UNC
> filenames.

No, that's not right.  The registry setting is necessary since it
decides about the *kernel's* handling of casesensitivity.  And the
default is set to casesensitive=off.

I never understood why Microsoft invented this registry setting with XP.
The decision is usually done in two places anyway, FS-capability,
application case insensitivity request, and now there is the additional
registry setting which enforces caseinsensitivity on the kernel.  This
blog points to a possible reason:


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