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Re: socket performance (was Re: Building cygwin1.dll)

----- Original Message ----- From: "Corinna Vinschen"
Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2012 4:28 PM
Subject: Re: socket performance (was Re: Building cygwin1.dll)

On Jan 10 15:24, Steven Hartland wrote:
If your running Windows 7 or 2k8 are you running the following hotfix, if not
you should try that too, just in case you machine has got a degraded tcp

I tried that, but it doesn't install. The installer tells me "The update is not applicable to your computer." This is W7 64 bit on a Lenovo laptop.

What's also puzzeling is this. I tried this on three virtual machines
as well, W7 32, W7 64, 2008R2 64. In all three VMs scp was almost just
as fast as sftp, about 13 MB/s.

So why is scp (and rsync, too, btw) half as fast on the real HW as on
the VMs while sftp is three times faster?!?  That doesn't make sense.

One of our guys had the same, when they tried to install the fix but when I downloaded it and tried on exactly the same machine without changing anything it just worked.

I know it sounds silly but did you download the correct version on the
64bit machine?

If this bug is effecting your you need to ensure that you make no connections
using the machine that could possibly trigger the throughput issues prior to
testing. Otherwise you'll be using a tcp stack without scaling.

If you want me to mail you the exact download link I have from MS for this
patch to check, let me know.


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