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Re: socket performance (was Re: Building cygwin1.dll)

----- Original Message ----- From: "Corinna Vinschen"
Well, the file I downloaded was a self-extracting zip archive and the
file it contains is called Windows6.1-KB983528-x64.msu, so I'm fairly
certain it's the right one for an AMD64 system.

Windows6.1-KB983528-x64.msu is the file I have here too so unless there's something else a play i.e. running as Administrator UAC rubish?

If this bug is effecting your you need to ensure that you make no connections
using the machine that could possibly trigger the throughput issues prior to
testing. Otherwise you'll be using a tcp stack without scaling.

Sounds tricky. The laptop is a domain member and it's not in the same room with me so I'm running this via rdesktop. But that would be fixable.

However, if this issue is the problem, then why is sftp fast and only scp
and rsync slow?  I can reproduce this at will, not only once in the
right order.

Hmm that would indeed not be explained by the KB iirc there are some internal differences between the way sftp and scp transfer data.

Do you have a wireshark dump of the two transfers we could examine?


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