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Re: socket performance (was Re: Building cygwin1.dll)

On Jan 10 18:21, Steven Hartland wrote:
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Corinna Vinschen"
> >Well, the file I downloaded was a self-extracting zip archive and the
> >file it contains is called Windows6.1-KB983528-x64.msu, so I'm fairly
> >certain it's the right one for an AMD64 system.
> Windows6.1-KB983528-x64.msu is the file I have here too so unless
> there's something else a play i.e. running as Administrator UAC rubish?

Unlikely.  When trying to run .msu files, there's not evewn the choice
to run them normally or "as administrator".

> >>If this bug is effecting your you need to ensure that you make no connections
> >>using the machine that could possibly trigger the throughput issues prior to
> >>testing. Otherwise you'll be using a tcp stack without scaling.
> >
> >Sounds tricky.  The laptop is a domain member and it's not in the same
> >room with me so I'm running this via rdesktop.  But that would be fixable.
> >
> >However, if this issue is the problem, then why is sftp fast and only scp
> >and rsync slow?  I can reproduce this at will, not only once in the
> >right order.
> Hmm that would indeed not be explained by the KB iirc there are some
> internal differences between the way sftp and scp transfer data.
> Do you have a wireshark dump of the two transfers we could examine?

I created them.  I see the difference, but I can't explain it.  I
experimented with the TCP_NODELAY flag, but it had only a marginal
effect.  If you want to take a look into the dumps, I'll send you the
download addresses in a minute via PM.


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