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trouble with cgreen test runner in cygwin

Hi gang,

Long time no post :)

We wrote a kind of "reflective" test runner for the cgreen unit testing framework, which uses dlopen() and dlsym(). We're getting a failure under Cygwin and could use some guidance on how to debug the issue. While we suspect it's related to this post, ,
we can't be sure.

-install required cygwin packages: cmake, gcc4, g++4, make, subversion, etc
-check out cgreen: svn co
-cd cgreen && mkdir obj && cd obj && cmake ..
-verify the tests pass: tests/test_cgreen
-now try the test-runner: tools/cgreen-runner tests/cygcgreen_tests.dll

the test-runner discovers the tests correctly, but when it goes to run them, it fails. this is because the CgreenTest* we fetch via dlsym() appears to be corrupt.

We'll reduce it to an even smaller, self-contained test case tomorrow. If anyone has ideas/suggestions in the meantime, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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