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1.7.9: Passing Arguments to cygstart

I am attempting to start a program using cygstart. 
I am logged in through an SSH from a linux machine, I am capable of starting the program using:
cygstart program.exe

However I want to be able to pass the xml file for that program to open as an argument.

cygstart program.exe file.xml
opens the program but not with the correct file. I have seen some mention of using --  to delimit the arguments but that was unsuccessful for me too.
i.e. :    cygstart -- program.exe -- file.xml

I know that the program can take arguments in Windows, The command is simple program.exe file.xml and it will open the correct file using that program. 

Any assistance with how to properly pass an argument to the program would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you


I seen a lot of discussion on here about starting graphical programs through an SSH using cygstart. I managed to do it by giving my user account the same groupid as the SYSTEM group. 

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