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Re: Opening new cygwin window with arguments

Gary Johnson <garyjohn <at>> writes:
> I'm afraid I don't understand the problem.  Color _is_ enabled in
> the new terminal.
> As an experiment/demonstration, I executed this command in my home
> directory which happened to contain a text file, ls.out, in which
> the word "out" appeared on a few lines.
>     mintty -h a grep --color=always out ls.out
> The word "out" was colored in the new terminal just as I would
> expect it to be.
> What command are you executing that has colored output when executed
> at the command line but not when executed as an argument to mintty?
> Regards,
> Gary

This is the command I'm using:
tail -f /foo/test.log | perl -pe 's/error/\e[1;31;43m$&\e[0m/g'

When I do the following there is no color:
mintty -h a tail -f /foo/test.log | grep --color=always error

Your command does work correctly (to color based on a grep command parent, 
rather than chained) but I'm not sure how to correctly modify it to use tail 
while still coloring the errors.

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