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Re: Madness with the 'select' function, sigalrm, and stdout. (CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW64)

On 1/17/2012 5:34 PM, Robert F wrote:

This has me stumped.

I'd suggest trying a snapshot -<>

If that doesn't help, a full problem report might help someone on the list
spot an issue.

Problem reports:

I might give the snapshot a shot.  Do you know how far from the release build
the latest snapshot is and when the next one is planned?

Is "full problem report" a technical term?  It's not on the page you link.  I
thought my report was detailed enough, and I can provide more info if anyone
needs it.  I've tried posting to the mailing list but my emails are rejected
from there without explanation (yes I've received the 'welcome to the list'
email :( ).

You're talking to the list now, though I can see that you've resorted to gmane. No problem.

The page describing the requirements of a problem report is the link I have
above.  Your description of the problem is fine but we had no cygcheck
info or code to try.  That's all I was pointing out.  The link in question
requests these kinds of things.



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