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Re: Don't want executive attribute

Greetings, Pan ruochen!

>> Like it or not, it's how Windows works. There's no exact match for
>> "executable" attribute behavior, as it is on *NIX systems.
>> If you tell us, what is your real problem/what you want to achieve, we may be
>> able to help you.

> Actually I don't have any problem about this.
> I just want cygwin more colorful as most of *NIX terminals do, i.e.
And color them all the way you want...

> red for tar/zip files, green for executables.
> And I notice that if I touch a new file on cygiwn, the new-created
> file has no executable attribute.
> Based on that, I wonder whether I can change the default attributes
> for files which have existed before cygwin is installed.

You can, however, i do not recommend doing so.
You could run in a situation, where you will loose access to a file from
non-cygwin applications for no apparent reason.

Andrey Repin ( 18.01.2012, <17:07>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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