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Re: Elevated prompt under ssh on Windows 7

On Jan 18 14:12, Timothy Madden wrote:
> Hello
> I use ssh to connect to my cygwin machine (running on Windows 7 SP1
> 64-bit) and I would like the remote shell not to run elevated (as it
> runs by default if I start it on the remote machine directly),
> except for the Administator user.
> That way I can get the Unix-like behavior in which other users need
> to `su` first in order to perform administrative tasks.

No, that's not possible.  If you start your ssh session non-elevated
there's no way to call `su' and expect it to work due to the different
way in which user context switches work in Windows compared to POSIX
systems.  The usual workaround to get a su-like behaviour is to call
ssh localhost.  If that again results in a non-elevated shell, you
are out of luck.  No admin user would be able to do any administrative
task.  If you want a non-privileged ssh access, use a non-admin user


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