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Re: Cygwin Configuration

On 18/01/2012 19:49, Ashlar wrote:
> I have cygwin installed with a number of directories named following this
> format:
> C:/Documents\040and\040Settings/Administrator/_web/crhub /webroot ntfs
> binary,posix=0 0 0
> When I use the Mount command it includes the assignment for the line
> When I enter 'cd /webroot from the command line I get an error message
> 'bash: cd: /webroot: no such file or directory'
> These directory names worked until I deleted the path in .bash_profile
> accidentally.  Now these pathnames are no longer recognized.  I have tried
> to rewrite the Path=$path... line in the file .bash_profile, but do not know
> what to include in it. My windows path is being loaded and contains paths
> for C:/cygwin, C:/cygwin/etc/ and the absolute paths for the /webroot
> directory.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

  There are default copies of a lot of these sorts of installable scripts
under /etc/defaults.  You'll find the original .bash_profile at
/etc/defaults/etc/skel/.bash_profile.  (Note that that's a default for the
version that goes into /etc/skel, which is the 'current' one that's then used
to set up new home dirs the first time a user runs the cygwin shell.)


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