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ssh/scp sometimes unable to connect

Hi all,

I just re-ran setup.exe yesterday and now ssh behaves erratically, often timing out instead of asking for a password:
$ ssh
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out

I rebased my system after the update and replaced the 13 Nov snapshot I've been using with the one from 11 Jan, but the problem persists. This doesn't seem to be fork-related in any obvious way: ssh runs but then times out on an fcntl syscall (see attached strace.out).

Normally I'd blame the network or the host, but sysadmins for the machine are unaware of anything that might cause the problem; I can maintain an open ssh connection to that host (cpu and memory usage there are both low) and can connect to it from other terminals windows during the failing attempt, which suggests the problem is on my side of the network. Even more strangely, changing things (ssh instead of scp, different user name, different host alias) makes it work or not (and, of course, sometimes it just works). Running strace or not doesn't seem to make a difference, though.


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