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Re: cygport: broken vs. autotools by "set -e"

On 20/01/2012 12:50, Andy Moreton wrote:
> On Thu 19 Jan 2012, Dave Korn wrote:
>>   Commenting-out the "set -e;" line at the start of /usr/bin/cygport
>> has fixed this problem, and my builds now run just fine, but huh? I
>> checked in git; that line has been there since like forever, so why is
>> it giving me trouble now? Is there something I could have changed in
>> my environment or startup scripts that is causing this -e to propagate
>> to subshells that it didn't used to, or did there used to be a
>> mechanism in cygport that would have had the effect of turning it off
>> for subshells that has now been removed for some reason?
> Hi Dave,
> As a WAG it could be that you have differences in behaviour from
> updating bash - check the docs for 'set -e' changes in bash 4.x

    Hi Andy,

  Bash wasn't one of the packages updated - we've been on bash 4 since
February last year, and I already had it installed last september when I was
successfully using cygport to build the gcc-4.5.3-1 release.  So I figure that
the 4.x set -e behaviour might be part of this problem, but there must have
been a change in cygport that's exposing it when it was previously hidden.


PS. Hope everything's well with you and happy new year!  We should arrange a
pub meet sometime soon on the pig list.

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