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Re: ssh pubkey exchange failing at send_pubkey_test

My cygwin runs on a Windows 7. My problem is similar to a previous one

    * /From/: Christophe Sauthier<christophe dot sauthier at gmail dot com>
    * /To/: Cygwin List<cygwin at cygwin dot com>
    * /Date/: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 10:39:14 +0200
    * /Subject/: Re: Strange behaviour of Openssh

however it's really different. My problem occurs earlier in the process.

    I try to log in with ssh passwordless into a server that I've set up. sshd
    is running there. I can log in with password.
    When I set up the crypto (ssh-keygen -t ecdsa) and install the pub key at
    the host, I can't login anymore, not by defaulting to password either.

How did you configure ssh?  Did you run ssh-user-config?
Does it work with the default rsa key?


yes, I configured with ssh-user-config
No, it does not work with RSA keys either.
After a renewed ssh-user-config on the host side, the debug looks the same (except ecdsa -> rsa)
ssh -vvv -i .ssh/ me@server
see debug output at

Note that I do have success with different Windows XP and Vista machines. It's only this one Windows 7 case that's misbehaving. And the problem is independent whether I log in from another cygwin or a linux machine. It's always that one server under W7.

I've put up host's /etc/ssh_config at
and the server's sshd_ equivalently.

I'd very much like to inspect logfiles on the server's side. Despite that I've arranged for sshd-stdout.log sshd-stderr.log files in /var/log (they are created), and despite that I have installed and activated the syslog-ng package the logins, whether failing or succeeding (keys disabled and password dialog), leave no messages in any of the logfiles.
( cygrunsrv --install sshd --path /usr/sbin/sshd -1 /var/log/sshd-1.log -2 /var/log/sshd-2.log --args -e; cygrunsrv -S sshd )
I've also looked into the W7 event logs, in vain.

Other clues for narrowing in: I connect within the same IP-domain, machines sit side-by-side, I give the full address
and HGS is the user exactly as specified in /etc/passwd
Can the firewall prevent receiving the send_publickey_test ? Isn't send_publickey_test going thru port 22 too ?
ssh -i .ssh/
Any option I miss in the ssh command line?

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