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Re: Putty and pre-shared keys with Cygwin's sshd

I believe that PuTTy is SSH2, while Cygwin is OpenSSH.  You can convert them using

ssh-keygen -f putty_key -i > openssh_key


On Jan 22, 2012, at 1:47 AM, Andrew DeFaria wrote:

> On 01/21/2012 07:28 PM, Andrey Repin wrote:
>> Well, *I* am using Cygwin SSH and PuTTY. And I've had no issues other than
>> what I have explained.
>> One way or another, back or forth, to my Linux box, or from it, from my
>> Windows box to any imaginable server around the globe - no problem.
> The scenario here is going from one Windows box using PuTTY to another Windows box using OpenSSH in Cygwin.
>> Using puttygen to create new keys, or converting keys from OpenSSH to
>> PuTTY, or the other way around to use for Cygwin's ssh in test box.
>> It just works. Exactly as described in PuTTY help file, chapter 8.2.
> I'm glad it's working for you, I wish it were working for me.
> You mention "converting keys from OpenSSH to PuTTY, or the other way around". What is this conversion process that you speak of? How do you convert a PuTTY key to an OpenSSH key? Because so far nobody's mentioned where in this process I need to convert between the two.
>> Check Windows event log. Though, it's obvious.
>> Also keep an eye on nearby discussion regarding SSHD issues. It may be your
>> case too.
> I will check when I get back into work (don't run Windows nor PuTTY at home to check things) but I thought Cygwin's sshd logs to /var/log/sshd.log. Otherwise why would I have a file there at all?
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