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Re: Putty and pre-shared keys with Cygwin's sshd

On Jan 23 11:01, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> On 1/23/2012 1:57 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >>MIIBuwIBAAKBgQDI+RkFLTib52+4+OzI+035r8fIConadaJuXNd+ZRSOvoLJar44
> >>1m7jgSnp2A52LJ8LJeC99c7NQ1BBoHueRkgBWReH7orWH2T/vlFrPRgIU48vvgPH
> >>4OrLFRtmN/uYj/BTbWFilN2jFZiiESSr4pSOPNNSblqj+UYXfFxc2ZrhIQIVANFm
> >>lV9qPmupo+/ZQqw1uTRypqve98yI2ZbXTuwIFLAps2T4rQKjmgmfghNWgmUEP0Sm
> >>V8qEfW8JvSh773fwYgtsAfos/+GPqc7V+UysKT2Na+5sOgqALSX6yfLBi0xAA2Iy
> >>ToRtrHupAoGAOS7f1yopMnELx7GhAtEtREN1zDikwa8dVhilM1M38+eZH4Z0Wd/3
> >>H9W2iKKYjgj8lIIYGiXUxjEWhA3n/3N6HDT0O5X97Pp+dM7oHlAaKtGl0Y9ao+Zn
> >>SmXSquCsokL+1mh1baIe+VcyV2EA7Uat/B0zIlGpwfq4bQv0DmCjl4gCFDBh6pvn
> >>ckhR34s8s2jaQnkdgv+p
> >>-----END DSA PRIVATE KEY-----
> >>
> >>Whereas all of the lines of my ~/.ssh/authorized_keys files are
> >>single, loooong lines.
> >Maybe you *should* read the man pages.  The above is the private part of
> >the key.  authorized_keys is the file on the server side so it hold only
> >public keys.
> You're right. I made a mistake. Corrected it:

No, you didn't.  Your mistake is not to read the man pages and
apparently you still didn't.

> Ltsdo-adefaria:cat /tmp/sshkey_public
> Comment: "dsa-key-20120121"
> AAAAB3NzaC1kc3MAAACBAMj5GQUtOJvnb7j47Mj7Tfmvx8gKidp1om5c135lFI6+
> gslqvjjWbuOBKenYDnYsnwsl4L31zs1DUEGge55GSAFZF4fuitYfZP++UWs9GAhT
> jy++A8fg6ssVG2Y3+5iP8FNtYWKU3aMVmKIRJKvilI4801JuWqP5Rhd8XFzZmuEh
> E1aCZQQ/RKZXyoR9bwm9KHvvd/BiC2wB+iz/4Y+pztX5TKwpPY1r7mw6CoAtJfrJ
> 8sGLTEADYjJOhG2se6kAAACAOS7f1yopMnELx7GhAtEtREN1zDikwa8dVhilM1M3
> 8+eZH4Z0Wd/3H9W2iKKYjgj8lIIYGiXUxjEWhA3n/3N6HDT0O5X97Pp+dM7oHlAa
> KtGl0Y9ao+ZnSmXSquCsokL+1mh1baIe+VcyV2EA7Uat/B0zIlGpwfq4bQv0DmCj
> l4g=
> Added this to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. Still fails - same way. Does
> OpenSSH accept these multiline keys?

$ man sshd

> I think the problem is that my home directory is on a file server
> and that file server is not playing nice. By this I mean:
> Ltsdo-adefaria:touch foo
> Ltsdo-adefaria:ls -l foo
> -rw-r--r-- 1 adefaria clearusers 0 Jan 23 10:59 foo
> Ltsdo-adefaria:chmod 600 foo
> Ltsdo-adefaria:ls -l foo
> -rw-r--r-- 1 adefaria clearusers 0 Jan 23 10:59 foo
> Ltsdo-adefaria:df .
> Filesystem            1K-blocks   Used Available Use% Mounted on
> //fs-irva-82/adefaria   5242880 343572   4899308   7% /home/adefaria

What does `mount' print for this mount point?

> Ltsdo-adefaria:echo $CYGWIN
> ntsec smbntsec winsymlinks nodosfilewarning

You also didn't read the User's Guide for a while...

> Ltsdo-adefaria:
> I've run across this before where the remote, often, samba server is
> not handling permissions like a Windows SMB server would.

Samba can handle permissions if it's configured to do so.  But I saw
Samba being configured to behave like FAT a lot.


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