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Re: Use of acl on smb related filesystems

On Jan 23 17:38, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> OK I'm starting a new thread here for this different problem. Here's
> a problem statement:
> Ltsdo-adefaria:pwd
> /home/adefaria
> Ltsdo-adefaria:mount | grep adefaria
> //fs-irva-82/adefaria on /home/adefaria type netapp (binary,user)
> Ltsdo-adefaria:touch foo
> Ltsdo-adefaria:ls -l foo
> -rw-r--r-- 1 adefaria clearusers 0 Jan 23 17:30 foo
> Ltsdo-adefaria:chmod 400 foo
> Ltsdo-adefaria:ls -l foo
> -r--r--r-- 1 adefaria clearusers 0 Jan 23 17:30 foo
> Ltsdo-adefaria:grep adefaria /etc/fstab
> //fs-irva-82/adefaria           /home/adefaria  ntfs
> binary,posix=1,user,acl 0 0
> Ltsdo-adefaria:
> I've read through
> and it's a
> little confusing to me. The part about acl says "Cygwin uses the
> filesystem's access control lists (ACLs) to implement real POSIX
> permissions (default).  This flag only affects filesystems
> supporting ACLs (NTFS) and is ignored otherwise". This seems to
> indicate that acl will only work on NTFS but it's not clear. Further

NTFS is just an example.  I change the wording.

> there are two examples of acl further down the page:
> A mount point for a remote directory without ACL support:
>   //server/share/subdir /srv/subdir smbfs binary,noacl 0 0
> Seems odd to specify noacl if acls are not supported anyway.

Sigh.  Without ACL support by Cygwin.  Rephrased.

> And the
> example:
>   //server/share /mysrv    ntfs     posix=1,acl   0 0
>   none           /cygdrive cygdrive posix=0,noacl 0 0
> Assume there's a file \\server\share\foo on the share. When
> accessing it as /mysrv/foo, then the flags posix=1,acl of the /mysrv
> mount point are used. When accessing it as //server/share/foo, then
> the flags for the cygdrive prefix, posix=0,noacl are used.
> Which seems to suggest that acl will be paid attention too if I
> access foo through /home/adefaria but not through
> //fs-irva-82/adefaria 


> but that doesn't seem to be working.

It's probably because your FS doesn't support ACLs.  Your mount

  //fs-irva-82/adefaria on /home/adefaria type netapp (binary,user)

shows that the path points to a NetApp drive.  NetApp drives have
various modes.  They can behave like FAT, NTFS, or a POSIX filesystem.
>From your other report I assume it's set up not to support ACLs.
What does 

  $ /usr/lib/csih/getVolInfo //fs-irva-82/adefaria



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