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Re: Putty and pre-shared keys with Cygwin's sshd

On Jan 23 12:24, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> On 1/23/2012 11:38 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >On Jan 23 11:01, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> >>---- BEGIN SSH2 PUBLIC KEY ----
> >>Comment: "dsa-key-20120121"
> >>AAAAB3NzaC1kc3MAAACBAMj5GQUtOJvnb7j47Mj7Tfmvx8gKidp1om5c135lFI6+
> >>gslqvjjWbuOBKenYDnYsnwsl4L31zs1DUEGge55GSAFZF4fuitYfZP++UWs9GAhT
> >>jy++A8fg6ssVG2Y3+5iP8FNtYWKU3aMVmKIRJKvilI4801JuWqP5Rhd8XFzZmuEh
> >>AAAAFQDRZu5keejWsFQn7+ZUlgf5RNrT/QAAAIEAjt/rOWTGhZz7SOnHjsL6lSn4
> >>E1aCZQQ/RKZXyoR9bwm9KHvvd/BiC2wB+iz/4Y+pztX5TKwpPY1r7mw6CoAtJfrJ
> >>8sGLTEADYjJOhG2se6kAAACAOS7f1yopMnELx7GhAtEtREN1zDikwa8dVhilM1M3
> >>8+eZH4Z0Wd/3H9W2iKKYjgj8lIIYGiXUxjEWhA3n/3N6HDT0O5X97Pp+dM7oHlAa
> >>KtGl0Y9ao+ZnSmXSquCsokL+1mh1baIe+VcyV2EA7Uat/B0zIlGpwfq4bQv0DmCj
> >>l4g=
> >>
> >>Added this to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. Still fails - same way. Does
> >>OpenSSH accept these multiline keys?
> >$ man sshd
> Could you be a bit more vague! ;-)

The sshd manpage contains a chapter about the layout of the
authorized_keys file.  So what else do you expect?

> Look, the public key that puttygen saves looks like the above. It's
> multilined. That's why I asked "Does OpenSSH accept these multiline
> keys". You could answer that question but instead you give me a
> cryptic reference. From what I read there no it doesn't accept such
> keys and I didn't think it did. Can you see my confusion here?!?

No.  The man page is pretty clear on this.

> Geeze! The man page is saying it's gotta be one line but puttygen is
> giving me multiple lines. Hence confusion so I asked a question
> which you could have simply answered directly rather than
> indirectly.

Fish - fishing.

> Yes there's also an area in the puttygen window where it says "copy
> and pastes this for OpenSSH". And I did, several times, and each
> time it failed. So I asked another question. I don't think I'm being
> unreasonable here.

So why don't you ask the Puttygen creators?  Putty and puttygen are not
supported here.

> >What does `mount' print for this mount point?
> //fs-irva-82/adefaria on /home/adefaria type netapp (binary,posix=0,user)

So it's netapp.  See my today's reply in your other thread.


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