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Re: YA call for snapshot testing

I wish I could report success like you.

Using 20120123, just printing my prompt, which runs "git rev-parse"
and "git branch", I saw this (pd is an alias for pushd):

thor$ pd
/home/scm/acl90b.64 /home/scm/acl90b.64/src/cl/src
      7 [main] bash 1732 c:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe: *** fatal error - couldn't allocate heap, Win32 error 487, base 0x990000, top 0x9F0000, reserve_size 389120, allocsize 393216, page_const 4096
Stack trace:
Frame     Function  Args
0028E4EC  6102796B  (0028E4EC, 00000000, 00000000, 0028E53C)
0028E7DC  6102796B  (6117EC60, 00008000, 00000000, 61180977)
0028F80C  61004F1B  (611B66CC, 00990000, 009F0000, 0005F000)
0028F83C  6106E8C3  (7FFEFFFF, 0000FFFF, 00000010, 7778FE82)
0028F92C  610C133B  (00000068, 02000000, 6116A724, 6116A720)
0028F95C  610064C0  (00000000, 00000002, 00000000, 76DE3480)
0028FA1C  6106FC15  (61000000, 00000001, 0028FD24, 00000001)
0028FA3C  777A9950  (6106F960, 61000000, 00000001, 0028FD24)
0028FB30  777AD8C9  (0028FD24, 7EFDD000, 7EFDE000, 7787206C)
0028FCB0  777B681C  (0028FD24, 77770000, 77AAAA26, 00000000)
0028FD00  777B52D6  (0028FD24, 77770000, 00000000, 00000000)
0028FD10  777A9E79  (0028FD24, 77770000, 00000000, 0001002F)
End of stack trace
      2 [main] bash 2640 fork: child -1 - died waiting for longjmp before initialization, retry 0, exit code 0x100, errno 11
bash: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable

64bit /home/scm/acl90b.64 [on branch "master"]

This problem is killing me.  I'm currently looking msysgit + GnuWin32
because I just can't take the crashes of bash.exe and git.exe anymore.
In my testing, so far, I've never seen msysgit or the bash that comes
with it crash.  Why is it that cygwin has this problem but msysgit
does not?  It's an honest question and I'm not trying to be
provocative.  I've been a cygwin user since before Red Hat acquired
them, and the above statement makes me really sad.

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